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Meet the first ever picosecond laser: PicoSure! This revolutionary laser technology offers highly customizable wavelengths to regenerate skin tissue and address a range of concerns, from persistent conditions to tattoo removal.

Our specialists offer PicoSure in Miamisburg to provide unmatched photothermal changes in a fraction of the time of other aesthetic laser treatments. These wavelengths are optimized to reach deep layers of the dermis where melanin is stored, addressing a variety of pigmentation concerns through a red, orange, and yellow light, all with no downtime.

Treatment Details

What it Treats

Pigmented lesions
Unwanted tattoos
Acne scars
Wrinkles and fine lines
Age spots and sun damage

Procedure Time

About 30 minutes (depends on treatment area)


Female and Male
18 or older

Recovery & Downtime

There is no expected downtime after receiving PicoSure in Miamisburg.

Why Try PicoSure in Miamisburg?


A Lunchtime Facial That Goes Beyond Relaxation

Looking for a single-session laser treatment that you can get during your lunch break without sacrificing efficiency? Patients are raving about how simple PicoSure treatments are, as you can take a moment to relax and practice self-love and return to your day as usual immediately after.


Achieve a Clean Slate

New to laser treatments? PicoSure is a great option for first-timers, as PureMD's patients with all skin types and concerns can enjoy the all-encompassing benefits. Plus, you can even opt for this treatment in the summer months as it uses energy rather than heat for skin restoration.


No Downtime

Thanks to the non-ablative powers of PicoSure, there is no downtime or recovery period after treatment.

The PicoSure Process

What to Expect

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At PureMD, we aid every patient's aesthetic journey from start to finish, beginning with an in-person consultation with our skin experts. Here, we'll get to know you, your skin, your budget, and your goals so we can create your personalized treatment plan and maximize your every visit.

Book Your Treatment Appointment

Upon arrival, you will be directed to come with a clean face (or other treatment areas), free of makeup and skincare products. Prior to your appointment, your provider will specify how long your treatment will take depending on the area's size and concern, with the average treatment session lasting 25 to 30 minutes. As our specialist glides the handheld applicator across your skin, you should experience little to no discomfort. Don't hesitate to speak up if you are feeling any form of pain or have questions!

Next Steps

There is absolutely no downtime following PicoSure in Miamisburg, however, you may experience slight redness and or swelling for about 30 minutes after treatment. Depending on your treatment plan, your provider will then assist you in scheduling your next appointments to optimize and maintain your results with each treatment being 2 to 4 weeks apart for your skin to fully recover.

Before PicoSure, We Recommend:

  • Avoiding tanning beds, sun exposure, and sunless tanning creams for four weeks prior to treatment
  • Applying a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) mineral sunblock of at least SPF 50 whenever the area being treated is exposed to the sun
  • Removing all makeup, creams, or oils before treatment

After PicoSure, We Recommend:

  • Avoid strenuous activity and hot tubs for at least 24 hours
  • Avoid rubbing or scratching the treated area
  • Gently cleanse the skin and avoid any scrubs or active ingredients for a minimum of 3 days
  • Continue to apply a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) mineral sunblock on the treated area

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