Customized Weight Loss Programs in Miamisburg

Customized Weight Loss Programs

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Customized Weight Loss Programs in Miamisburg

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Healthy habits don’t happen overnight. Oftentimes, the path to a healthy lifestyle requires support, guidance, and compassion. With Wellness Counseling at PureMDwe offer the necessary support like individualized meal planning, workout routines, and supplement information to help you achieve your ideal weight.

We create an environment of support and trust to guide you through this lifestyle modification in a way that takes into account your entire well-being.

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What it Treats

Unhealthy diet
Obesity-related medical issues

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Male or Female

Why Try Customized Weight Loss Programs at PureMD?


Dietary and Nutrition Counseling

Get individualized guidance and support on meal planning and preparation. This holistic approach uses whole foods to promote better sleep, higher productivity, and weight loss.


Personalized Diet Plan

Enjoy recipes, grocery lists, and meal prep information with our personalized diet plan at PureMD.


Workout Program

Using evidence-based methods that take into account your whole body and its unique needs, our personalized workout program helps you to build muscle and strength while losing weight. 

The Wellness Counseling Process

What to Expect


Prior to beginning your Customized Weight Loss Program at PureMD, we'll have a conversation about your current diet, exercise regime, and lifestyle habits. Because we approach weight loss in a holistic manner, we will also take into account your medical history and perform a full body analysis. The consultation is incredibly important as it allows us to understand your unique weight loss goals and how to get you there safely. 


Each body is different, so results vary depending on your unique plan. However, at PureMD, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide compassionate and expert guidance before, during, and after your weight loss journey. The goal of offering structured support is that we cultivate an environment that celebrates healthy weight loss. This tends to produce the desired results for each of our patients.

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