Incorporating Botox Into Your Regular Beauty Regimen

You’ve no doubt heard of Botox®, doctors use it to help wrinkles and lines disappear with an injection that blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. As the muscles injected cause the wrinkles and lines to relax, the treatment smooths the skin. Treatments take only minutes and you can see results in as little as three days.

Botox is a longstanding, widely popular FDA-approved treatment for wrinkles, lines, and many other medical uses. Dr. Priyesh Mehta and the specialist team at Pure M.D. can use their many years of experience to help find the Botox treatment to suit your needs.

What is a Botox injection?

Botox (botulinum toxin) is a material used for many different medical treatments ranging from lazy eye to migraines. Since 2002, Botox has been FDA approved to treat wrinkles through injection. The injection relaxes the muscles and nerves, allowing lines and wrinkles to smooth, lasting up to three months. It has become a common form of nonsurgical cosmetic treatment. 

What is the procedure?

To reduce any chance of bruising it is recommended to stop taking anti-inflammatory medications and aspirin at least two weeks before the procedure and drink no alcohol at least a week before. 

Once the area of injection is cleaned, shots of botox (often four or five) are injected into the desired areas, feeling at worst like a pinprick. It’s used most often on lines around the eyes, forehead lines, and frown lines. You can see results in as soon as 3 to 10 days and the treatment itself is done in less than 15 minutes.

You can resume your normal life after the procedure, but avoid rubbing or massaging the treated areas, as it may cause drooping or temporary weakness in the face. Also, avoid lying down for at least an hour to avoid drooping.

How often do you need the treatment?

Typically the effects of the treatments last up to three months or longer, as lines and wrinkles will begin to form again and require another treatment. As the muscles are being trained to relax through regular treatments, the wrinkles themselves will be less severe even when they return. 

The result will have you looking rested and happier with a treatment that only takes minutes of your time. Call or book online to see how Dr. Mehta and Pure M.D. can help add Botox to your beauty regimen.